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Our Glassware

There's no right answer and we encourage everyone to discover how the same wine smells and tastes differently in different glasses! With that said we know you need to decide where to start so we made this chart to guide you. If you're still in doubt, consider starting with The Universal. As always, please do not hesitate to reach out if you have questions.

Our products require more care than machine made glasses, but it will be worth it. With proper care, these glasses will not break. If you are starting out with hand-blown wine glasses, we suggest starting with The Universal glass as it is the sturdiest.

Yes, they are designed to be washed with a dishwasher. In fact, that's the preferred method.

Yes, each glass is hand-blown. Small differences in weight and size should be expected.

Consider creating a wedding registry with Etsy. Our products are on there! You can also on Zola.

We are starting to put 3M stickers where possible. These stickers are used to reseal the box after the seal has been broken. This is especially useful if you are using the box as a carrying case for your wine.


Yes, we work with select restaurant, winery and retail partners. Please reach out to us here. To expedite the request, please include which products you are interested in, what rough quantities you would like to purchase, and if the products are for resale or on-premise use.


Yes, we have a wide range of custom blown-to-order options. Our handblown capabilities allow for as little as 150 items. We are able to create glassware to your specifications (design, engraving, packaging, pricing). Please reach out to us here.

Yes, we can engrave your glassware free of charge with a minimum order amount. There is a lead-time of 2-3 months. Please reach out to us here.

Our lead time is somewhere between 2-4 months.

Shipping & Returns

We ship to most countries. In the check out screen, you will see associated taxes and duties.

Shipping is free above US$199. Otherwise it is US$9.

We ship globally. For elsewhere, please subscribe to our newsletter and we will email you when we are.

Get in touch with us at before you make your purchase. Once you submit an order, it is difficult to make changes.

Our products typically take 1-7 business days to arrive.

If you need it by a certain date, please get in touch with us at before you make your purchase. Once you submit an order, it is difficult to make changes.

We typically ship out within 1 business day for in-stock products.

You can initiate your return within 75 days. Start the process here.

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No, we cannot include a gift message. If you'd like to have a gift message, please consider purchasing from, which carries select products from our catalog.

Care Instructions

All hand blown wine glasses are dishwasher safe. It is our recommended way of washing them. They should be placed so that they are not touching other items. A dishwasher will almost never break the stem, which is the main part that breaks while handwashing because of human error. Using a dishwasher extends the life of your hand blown wine glasses!

If you must handwash the glasses, consider putting soapy water in the glass for 30 minutes. That is often enough. If the rim needs to be further cleaned, make sure to hold the glass by the bowl when you rub the rim.

Polishing a glass is not necessary for enjoyment, and more for aesthetic appeal. If you would like to, make sure to hold the glass by the bowl when you polish the glass.


The product will be labelled with the month that it is shipping. For example, "Ships March" or "Ships May". This is an indication that it will ship at some point in that month. We try to be accurate with out estimates, but it may arrive earlier or later.

The entire order that includes at least one pre-arrival item will ship out at the time the pre-arrival item becomes available. If you'd like to receive the in-stock items immediately, please split into two orders.

You are charged immediately for pre-arrival products. However, cancellation is free. If you need to cancel, email us and we'll take care of it.


We are currently offering glassware rentals in New York City and surrounding areas, and Los Angeles and surrounding areas. Please reach out to to ask about this!


We currently work with importers in various countries. Please reach out to to ask about this!

We currently work with distributors in various states. Please reach out to to ask about this!